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 "Next time you think of beautiful things, don't forget to count yourself in."


I explained to Terri what my fears and insecurities were. I have horrible body image issues. I have detested my body since I was 17. I have never thought of myself as a photogenic person. But somehow she managed to capture the most amazing images of me! She worked with me and kept me in my comfort zone. Those areas that I hate about myself, she minimized. She helped me feel comfortable in my skin. I can honestly say for the first time in my life I got to see myself as others see me, and not through my lens of self hatred. I don't think I can ever thank these women enough for making me feel beautiful. ~Bobbi

I had the best day ever! I was seriously feeling myself so much. Terri makes you comfortable from the second you meet her. She welcomes you with open arms and becomes a friend you've known forever. She's encouraging and loving and loves what she does. She is passionate and artistic and truly loves to help women know that they are in fact, beautiful. Nicole and Kalee (make up & hair artists) are seriously such amazing humans and make you feel like you're glammin like Kim K. I have honestly never felt better than when in my boudoir shoot. Thank you Terri for what you do, how you love, and your artistic passion. You are a world changer! ~Rachael

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When most women see my Instagram or portfolio they assume all of the women are models. This is 100% incorrect. All of the women I photograph are real women with real lives and real jobs and real bodies. 

I have a select team of makeup artists and hairstylists I consistently work with. Our goal is not to create barbie dolls but to bring out the best in each of our clients. Natural, beautiful real women.

Grace in Lace Boudoir
Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer

Terri Zachea

Professional Boudoir Photographer

Published in Retro Lovely Magazine


I remember when I received my very first camera in junior high. I had my best friend pose in the tree, with the dog, on our little white picket fence. I haven't been without a camera since.

I fell in love with boudoir after being tricked...I mean asked to shoot bridal boudoir photos.


It was at that moment I knew boudoir photography was my calling and I truly cherish the transformation that happens during each session.


It's my unconventional ministry to help women realize their beauty through intimate portraits! You absolutely have to experience a boudoir session! I KNOW it will boost your self confidence and you'll leave your session loving yourself. 


"A boudoir shoot isn't just about gorgeous photos, it's a decision to say I am beautiful as I am. A new chapter in your life that says I love who I am... I am beautiful."


Like this gorgeous, red outfit in the photo above? Take a peek in my boudoir closet! I shop locally and even internationally (Paris & Geneva!) to ensure my clients have unique options to choose from. 




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